The Musicians


This project would not have been possible without the contribution of these talented and generous musicians and friends. I am eternally grateful for their help and support!

Here you can find out more about their musical careers and lives.

Christopher Atkinson – Pianist
Kieran Burling – Violinist

Grace Carter – Soprano
Stephanie Cheung – Pianist
Rebecca Cohen – Pianist
Stella Di Virgilio – Violinist
James Dibble – Flautist
Daniel Edwards – Cellist
Dickson Fung – Violinist
Laure Genthialon – Harpist
Tom Greed – Violinist
Julia Hart – Violinist
Eleanor Janes – Soprano
Madelaine Jones – Pianist
Christine Liang – Violinist
Irina Lyakhovskaya – Pianist
Katy Ovens – Flautist
Giulia Sereni – Pianist
Mikhail Shilyaev – Pianist
Kazu Shiraiso – Pianist
Alvaro Siculiana – Pianist
Clare Simmons – Pianist
Cameron Smith – Cellist
Tomos Xerri – Harpist
Yuko Yagishita – Pianist


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